There’s a funny thing about living in the country.  You really don’t need Hallowe’en decorations.

Between the cobwebs that reappear five minutes after you’ve vacuumed (sadly, I’m not kidding), the ravens and vultures that live somewhere nearby and cluck and circle over us daily, and the palm-sized, hairy hunting spiders that freak us out when they appear on the ceiling in the bedroom just as we’re drifting off to sleep, we’re not wanting for spooky decor.

Then there’s the mice.

Our little rodent friends seem to live outside all summer, and make a bee-line for the house when the weather gets chilly.  I can’t blame them.  We’re easy pickin’s, what with all the nooks, crannies and cracks that an 80 year old log cabin seems to provide.  Apparently I should have gone ahead with that rechinking job to seal up all the cracks as I’d planned to in September, because the mice are back – with a vengeance.

Natural Hallowe’en Decor

How do mice make your place more spooky at this time of year?  First of all, they poop everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  I’d say poop is pretty spooky.  OR at least disgusting (ewwwww…).   And they squeak and scurry and make such loud noises in the middle of the night you’d think someone was breaking in to steal your new iMac.  I don’t know about you, but that’s my worst nightmare.

Then there are the times they surprise the you-know-what out of you and make you wish you could retreat to that luxe, critter-free condo you used to have in the city.  Like the other night…

Nature Calls

I woke up around 3:00 am after too many cups of Tibetain Histoire (if you’re a green tea fan, you’ll LOVE this offering from the Urban Tea Merchant in Vancouver – totally off topic, I know, but I had to share!  Back to the story…).  So I got up to head to the bathroom and was really not wanting to upset my body clock by turning the bathroom light on.  It always makes it harder to fall back asleep. But something told me I should, so I did.

And I was very happy I did.

Let me start by saying I didn’t have my glasses on or contacts in.  So the brown lump in the toilet looked like, well, you know.  Just as I was getting annoyed about someone’s apparent lack of housekeeping etiquette, the brown lump moved.

There was a mouse in the toilet bowl.

So, a little freaked out, I clapped my hands.  And the little guy (not sure why I thought it was male) jumped up like a shot, only to slip on the seat and fall back in.


Then I clapped again.  And he jumped again.


This went on – me clapping like an idiot and him jumping – until I realized there was no way he was getting out without assistance.  He was spending more and more time in the water and less jumping to get out.  Now I know some of you are thinking why didn’t you just flush it!  Let me put it this way – sometimes I wish I wasn’t so connected to the animal world.  But I am.

So off I went to get a flat piece of kindling from the woodbox.  I scooped it under to allow him to get out of the bowl (thankfully, the bowl was clean prior to the rescue).  Poor little thing wobbled and just sat there on the edge of the toilet, looking as relieved as I’m sure a mouse can look.

But I still needed to use the facilities, and there was no way I was doing so with a mouse sitting on the tank.  So I clapped again and he wobbled onto the window sill, then onto the floor.  Finally he disappeared, slowly, into a crack where the logs meet the interior wall.

Mice Provide Much Creepiness

Over the two years we’ve been here, I’ve found all sorts of creepy things related to mice.  I’ve discovered dead mice in bottles where they’ve managed to get in but not out.  I’ve come across multiple dessicated mousey remains in a live trap that we forgot to deactivate before putting in the shed for the summer.  Worst of all was the horrific discovery on return from holiday of four tiny feet and a tail.  Minus the body.  In my kitchen sink.  Gag…  I presume it was a welcome home gift from the local weasel, known to frequent our house when the humans are away.  But he can keep his gifts, thank you.

Now THAT was creepy.

I’ve rescued mice from a kitchen sink full of water, and from the clutches of my son and his friend who decided to try to feed a baby mouse a slug (imagine two hours with a Q-tip and water cleaning the mouth of a teensy, tiny little creature), but I’ve never from the toilet bowl.  That was a first.  Needless to say, I had a little chat with my son about leaving the toilet seat up.

So no, we don’t buy Hallowe’en decorations.  No need with all these natural, eco-decorations around.  And some will even eat your leftovers.  Handy!  And creepy…

What’s Creepy Around Your House?

With Hallowe’en on Sunday, I thought I’d share this little story.  We definitely have our share of creepy things around our little piece of rural heaven.  But I’ll take mice over some of the creepy things found in the city any day.  Rats, cockroaches, zombies…  Mind you, zombies probably don’t poop on the counter.

What’s creepy around your house and how do you deal with it (or not)?  Let us know in the comments below!

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