Our First Chickens

Chickens are just so integral to the homesteading lifestyle. In fact, for me, it’s chickens (and a swishy coop!) that are the signpost of finally arriving as a ‘real’ homesteader. Now, truth be told, I have a long way to go to even be considered reasonably knowledgeable about his modern homesteading gig – but I’m loving the learning process.  And nothing could be held up as a learning journey more than our foray into managing a small flock, which started off with 15 ISA brown hens ordered from a hatchery (hatched May 31, 2011), then adding our Buff Orpington rooster, Tom Wattles, in December 2011, and 6 ISA/Buff Orpington chicks that two of our hens hatched here in June 2012.

Join us to watch as they grow and we learn about what they need, how to care for them, and all the wonderful things they do!  The videos are ordered by date, most recent at the top…  Unfortunately, this app only shows the 9 most recent videos – click here to view them all.

We’ve also got a page of chicken vocalizations we’ve recorded – it’s quite interesting!  You can find the chicken call recordings here:  Chicken Calls, Vocalizations and Sounds


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