Modern Homesteading Chicken Coop Naming Contest





Our chicken coop needs a name!

We’re almost finished our coop (we’re down to the cosmetics), and we’d love for you to help us come up with a unique name for it.

Whimsical, funny, witty – anything goes. Here are some things to note, in case it helps with your creative process:

  • we live on the West Coast of Canada, close to the ocean, in a little hollow between two hills (well, one big mountain and a small hill)
  • it rains a lot
  • we have 15 young hens
  • they have a LOT of roosts inside the chicken house
  • we’re a pretty ‘organic’ family (right down to the chicken feed)
  • they’re a pretty funny bunch

The rules:

  • open to anyone in any country
  • you can enter as many times as you wish
  • contest closes midnight (Pacific Standard Time) October 31, 2011
  • the list will be narrowed down to the top 5 names, chosen by our team, after which we’ll have a public vote to pick the winner!

What’s Up for Grabs

We’re developing a new product, a Personal Food Security Package, which is compiled of 3 hours of audio MP3s on key food security topics, a step-by-step workbook and the audio transcripts (as well as a few other goodies I haven’t completely sorted out yet). The person who contributes the winning coop name will receive this complete package – and will be the first person to see it! We’ll also include one bottle of Thieves essential oil to add to your homestead healthcare and home care kit for winter. Total prize value is $90 US.

How to Enter:

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED – Help us vote for the winner here!! 

Just leave us your name suggestions in the comments below. Again, you can enter as many times as you wish.

Good luck – and thank you!