Jonah’s Ark

UPDATE March 2020: Jonah is now almost 17 and hasn’t done a video in awhile… πŸ˜‰Β  But you might enjoy some of these old entries.

Join Jonah (when he was much younger) as he explores our 7 acres of forest and stream and discovers all sorts of amazing plants and animals. This show is completely produced by this 8 year old ‘nature boy’ – so while the information may not always be entirely accurate (though it’s usually spot on!), and sometimes the videos run a little long, he more than makes up for it in enthusiasm. This is definitely more for kids than adults. Fair warning… Enjoy!

The 9 most recent videos are shown below (I’m working on a better way to display them).Β  For the older videos, visit our Vimeo video album: Jonah’s ARk.

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