In February of 2011 I completed taste tests of a variety of highly rated freeze dried emergency food rations. These are the results from Mountain House brand Seafood Chowder.

Note that I’m pretty particular when it comes to taste and quality. When evaluating the freeze dried foods, I’m testing for a variety of things:

  • flavour
  • consistency
  • ‘fresh’ taste
  • price
  • serving size

These are the results from my taste test of Mountain House brand Seafood Chowder.


Mountain House Seafood Chowder PackageMountain House Seafood Chowder Ingredients




Modern Homesteading Product Rating

8/10: Quite authentic chowder taste – actually, much tastier and better consistency than a chowder I paid $6 for in a restaurant recently (it was awful!). Truth be told, it was comparable to my mother’s clam chowder, which is one of those ‘comfort foods’ I grew up with. Thick, rich, creamy, lots of seafood and potato bits. Good quantity – filling servings for two adults (or a ravenous child).

  • flavour – 8/10
  • consistency – 9/10
  • ‘fresh’ taste – 8/10
  • price – 7/10
  • serving size – 2 fairly hearty servings

You can purchase Mountain House Seafood Chowder at a variety of emergency/camping food retailers, including The Ready StoreAs of mid-March, 2011, Mountain House is backordering most to all of their product, but you may still find it at retailers.

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