We’re munching our way through a series of taste tests of a variety of highly rated freeze dried emergency food rations.  These are the results from Backpackers Pantry brand Katmandu Curry with Rice.

Now, I’m pretty picky when it comes to taste and flavor.  We eat mostly organically grown, grass-fed, non-GMO, etc. and I have no patience for unnecessary preservatives and ingredients that don’t serve your health.  In other words, there are some foods you simply won’t find us taste testing – most notably, anything with textured vegetable protein or hydrogenated palm oil. 

When evaluating these freeze dried foods, I’m testing for a variety of things:

  • flavour
  • consistency
  • ‘fresh’ taste
  • ‘clean’ ingredients (preferably organic)
  • price
  • serving size

Here are the results from our taste test of Backpackers Pantry Katmandu Curry with Rice [Note that the video is password protected for our members.  If you’d like access to our taste test videos, it’s easy peasy – simply become a member of our little community!  It’s free… and you get lots of bonuses, like our latest downloadable audio interview with a food security expert – Emergency Food Storage: Why bother?  Simply sign up here and you’ll have access to a growing volume of content we’re creating exclusively for our growing community of modern homesteading fans].


Backpackers Pantry Katmandu Curry with Rice


Modern Homesteading Product Rating

7/10: Thick in texture and spicy on the palate, but not a lot of curry taste (which, depending on your taste buds, can be a good or a bad thing!).  It definitely has a kick to it, but not a lot of depth, if that makes sense.  Seems like it needs more onions or garlic (or something).  But overall, a satisfying meal and fairly taste.  In an emergency or while camping, this would be a lovely lunch or dinner, especially if you added a dash of your own spices.  Just remember to leave it cooking in the bag longer than the recommended 13 minutes (we left it for about 18 minutes and some of the vegetables were still definitely not ‘cooked’, though it’s possible our water wasn’t quite at boiling temperature).

  • flavour – 7/10
  • consistency – 9/10
  • ‘fresh’ taste – 8/10
  • price ($5.90 US for 2 servings) – 8/10
  • serving size – 2 good-sized servings would keep two adults happy under normal, not overly strenuous conditions

You can purchase Backpackers Pantry Katmandu Curry at a variety of emergency/camping food retailers, including Backpackers Pantry’s website, Mountain Equipment Co-op, REI, and others.  Check your favorite outdoor supply store to see if they carry it.

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