We do a LOT of reading and research around here – homesteading blogs, chicken raising books, animal identification manuals, and business training.

Jonah and Lucky Wattles reading Read Their MindsThis week, we received our copy of Read Their Mind: How to Hear What the Marketplace Wants and Build a Huge Business by Sandi Krakowski, and because my son LOVES listening to my online training classes with Sandi, he was intrigued!  He’s well on his way to building his own website to showcase his love of animals and the creature world, so who knows – it’s very possible (and likely) that he’ll have his own business one day and he couldn’t ask for a more up-to-date, passionate, no-nonsense business coach than Sandi.  In the meantime, he’s making his videos at Jonah’s ARk and loving it…

Because part of my dream here at Modern Homesteading is to connect those with the homesteading bug to the resources that will help make it work from a financial perspective, I wanted to share this free resource with you (you just pay shipping – and you get the digital version as a bonus)!  Sandi knows her stuff, and lives what she teaches.  I’ve been working with her since July of 2010 and it’s to her coaching that I attribute this very website and my growing web development/design business.  I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without her (trust me – I tried for four years!).

You can take a serious step towards financing your homesteading dream by getting this book and putting what it teaches into practice – pick it up or yourself here.

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