Victoria GazeleyI started dreaming about modern homesteading in the late 1990s when I found an original homesteader’s cabin in the woods and decided to restore it.  After almost a decade of modern homesteading research, hands-on gardening and self-sufficiency workshops, interviewing experts and reading more books late into the night than I care to remember, I packed up my 5 year-old son in the fall of 2008 and moved to a rural homestead near the ocean outside of a small town in coastal British Columbia, just a ferry ride away from Vancouver. With no formal homesteading experience (I grew up in a semi-rural subdivision and knew a sum total of zero farmers), we settled into our small, restored heritage log cabin on 6+ acres of west coast rainforest and began the process of learning the skills that would begin to turn it into a tiny haven of style and self-sufficiency.

At the beginning of our fifth official growing season, and with much help from family and friends, we’ve got a greenhouse, an enlarging blueberry patch, a raised bed vegetable garden (with more beds on the way), secure cool storage for harvested fruits and vegetables, a refurbished raspberry patch, human-powered clothes washing and drying systems (for emergencies), a flock of 15 14 20 19 18 chickens and a brand new 2 room addition we love. We’re currently in the process of planning projects for this season: more raised beds for vegetables, more berries, lots of herbs, and the some permaculture installations.

Professionally, I’m a designer, and run a busy web graphics design company, The Cabin Design Studio, out of our little corner of the rainforest.  When I’m not fending off maurauding wildlife, learning how to grow food and hanging out online with our fabulous Facebook community, I love spending time near the ocean (luckily, it’s close by), exploring the the world with my son, learning about, well, everything, and contributing back to the community with pro-bono design projects for a few chosen local non-profits.

After more than 20 years of city living in apartments and townhouses, I’ve finally found my place in the woods. And as crazy as it gets sometimes (really, I wonder how I could have possibly thought I was busy in the city), I can’t imagine it any other way.

Thanks for checking us out – I’m glad you’re here!

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