Could You Survive 3 Weeks Without Groceries?

Could you survive three weeks without groceries?

Right now?  Without stocking up first?

The answer for most of us is, unfortunately, ‘There’s no way‘.

Most emergency programs recommend that families be ready to look after themselves and their families for a minimum of three weeks – food, medicine, clean-up, repair, you name it – in the event of a natural or other disaster.  Most people serious about such things would say we should all be ready with 6 months to a year’s worth of food stores!  For the majority of us, having a year’s worth of provisions isn’t at all practical – but having a month’s worth of short and long-term stores absolutely is.

Not convinced?  Can’t imagine where you’d store all this stuff?  Finding it hard to wrap your head around anything ever happening that would keep food out of your local grocery stores?

You’re not alone!

The majority of your neighbours haven’t enough food in their homes to last more than about a week, let alone 6 months.  Your local grocery store has even less – 3 days, on average, and chances are it wouldn’t even last that long with the crushing rush that could occur immediately… that is, if the stores even survive the disaster.

So where do you start?

I understand how overwhelming it can be to begin the process of stocking up – I put it off for two years myself after we moved into our little cabin, and if a disaster had happened when we lived in the city?  We’d have been a statistic, I’m sure.

But in the spring of 2011, I did an interview with Robin Wheeler, author of Food Security for the Faint of Heart, owner of Edible Landscapes, and a noted expert in food security issues.  Robin was a featured speaker at the inaugural Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania in September 2010, and in our neck of the woods, she wasthe food security guru and inspired so many of us to become more self-reliant. In the span of 35 minutes of conversation, she put the issue in such plain, common sense language, I couldn’t help but want to share it with everyone I can get to give it a listen! Unfortunately, we lost Robin in 2012, but her wisdom was so vast that I’m still sharing this conversation, as I know she wanted the information to get out to as many people as possible.

Simply fill out the form below and you’ll get instant access to this 35 minute conversation (a workshop, really) with a noted expert and pioneer in food security.

You CAN protect yourself and your family – and avoid becoming a statistic (or at the very minimum, keep from being REALLY uncomfortable). It’s free, and chock full of valuable info. You’ve absolutely got nothing to lose and everything to gain… even if nothing ever happens.  It’s win-win all around.



Emergency Food Storage – Why Bother?

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